Friday, 15 September 2017

Welcome to our Grade 3/4 blog!

In our first week together we spent time speaking with each of our new classmates to find out what we have in common with each other. There were many surprises! We used this information to create visual webs to show how we are all connected. In math we've been creating different graphs based on some of the data we collected during this activity.

In Language Arts we started the week by generating a "Love it or Loathe it" list of things we have very strong positive or negative feelings about. Over the week we then wrote about different items from our lists.

Our classes have also been exploring the physical space of our separate rooms through measuring and map-making.

The conference manager will be open later today for you to book a time for next week's Meet-the-Teacher conferences. If you are having trouble booking a conference please contact the office at 403-777-8330.

Homework for this weekend: Complete and return the new Number of the Day sheet on Monday.

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