Friday, 24 November 2017

In math this week we have continued our practice with subtraction. We looked at many different ways to show how to borrow and regroup, and also how to borrow from a zero! A.M.A. my preferred way to show borrowing and regrouping.

There is homework to practice subtraction with borrowing, due Monday. Please ask your child to explain how they are solving their work.

We have continued our work in French to practice numbers, body parts, and classroom vocabulary. Ask me how high I can count! Ask me what body parts or classroom objects I can name! 

We started the Rocks and Minerals unit in Science this week! We learned about the three main types of rocks, and how they can change into one another through something called the Rock Cycle. A.M.A. the three groups of rocks, and how they connect to each other!

Our Rocks and Rings curling residency starts next week!

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