Friday, 15 December 2017

This week we have been practicing our caroling in anticipation of our school caroling happening all next week. As a school we will be gathering in the gym either at the start or end of each day to sing Christmas songs together. On Monday and Wednesday we will be caroling at the end of the day, and on Tuesday and Thursday it will be in the morning. Please check back for specific times.

As part of our inquiry we are asking students to talk to their parents to learn the story of how they were named. Often there is an interesting story behind our names, and we would like to share that story in some of our work.

Also we are asking students to bring in a picture of them or their family that will be part of the same inquiry work. This picture will be incorporated into a laminated art piece and so it must be a picture you are willing to part with from your picture books forever.

Don't forget that next Thursday, December 21, is an early dismissal and is our last day of classes before the winter break.


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