Friday, 9 March 2018

This week in gym we have been practicing our hip-hop dancing routines with Nando from Sound Kreations. A.M.A. my favourite moves. All classes will be sharing our dances at a Celebration of Learning next Friday! Stay tuned for the exact times!

We started working with our groups in Science to build our structures for "The Other City." A.M.A. how my structure is going!

In Social Studies we have started planning our brochure to make other people interested in our different countries from our backgrounds. A.M.A. what information I am including!

Today we finished reading our novel "The City of Ember." A.M.A. how I liked the book!

In Language Arts we have started talking about who the leaders of "The Other City" would be, and what characteristics they would have. A.M.A. who some of the characters are.

A.M.A. what multiplication strategies I have been learning!

A.M.A. how many times table facts I know!

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