Friday, 4 May 2018

May the 4th be with you!

This week each class got to make stop-motion movies! A.M.A. how we did it, what new skills I learned, and what I found challenging.
The login for our videos can be found on the previous post.
The password is:
MacDonnell - GLEN1
Alefantis - GLEN2
Belcher/Labrecque - GLEN3

We started swimming today. A.M.A. how it went and what level I got put in! Our next swimming is Friday, May 11th, first thing in the morning.

 With the warming weather we will be spending a lot more of our gym time outside. Please make sure to bring a water bottle, hat, and sun screen to school.

Don't forget to return your field trip forms for our visit to Butterfield Acres!

On Wednesday we got to wear our hats to school in support of Mental Health Awareness. Thank you to those who participated by wearing a hat! A.M.A. what mental health means to me.

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