Friday, 29 September 2017

This week our school participated in the annual Terry Fox Run, a hugely important event that takes place at schools and cities right across the country! Thank you to everybody who came out to join us! We're not yet sure how much money our school raised, but we hope it's a lot. A.M.A. how many laps I ran!

In Language Arts we've been looking at four different kinds of sentences we can use in our writing. The four types are declarative, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory. A.M.A. when to use each of the sentence types!

We used our all four of our sentences to write poetry about Terry Fox. We wrote our poems on a background we created using warm and cool water colours. A.M.A. the steps we took to make our awesome art!

In Math we started our measurement centres this week. There are many different centres that explore calendar, area, length, and height. A.M.A. which centre I explored this week!

In Science we've been studying sound. One thing we learned is that all sound is vibration! We noticed how when vibrations are tight or loose then the pitch can change from higher to lower. We also learned how sound travels from a source to our ear through sound waves, and even how our body produces sound waves and vibrations when we speak or make other sounds.

In Social Studies we used Calgary's discussion about a new arena to learn about how we can debate an idea. Using a tool called a Debate Carousel we practiced writing out our arguments for both sides of the story, since there are always two sides to discuss. A.M.A. the steps of a debate carousel! A.M.A. if I think we should have a new arena or not!

We are getting very excited for next week's field trip to Studio Bell! If you haven't already brought your permission form, please bring it on Monday. We are still looking for lots more volunteers as well!

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