Friday, 6 October 2017

Some of the classes have "Wordwork" homework this weekend. They have written down some words they struggled with and have to fix them over the weekend, and then use them in their writing next week.

This week we went to Studio Bell. We learned how to make an instrument called a "Sound Sandwich" from popsicle sticks, elastics, and some pieces of straw. We also went on a scavenger hunt to collect special National Music Centre cards by looking at all the different exhibits in the museum. A.M.A. my highlights of the trip! We also got to see a demonstration of a special theatre organ called the Kimble Theatre Organ. 

In Science we learned about the different families of musical instruments. A.M.A. what kinds there are.

This week all grade 3/4s participated in the math and language arts SLA. We had to write about whether we thought a red fox would be a good pet to have at home. A.M.A. what I wrote! The math part was a problem about money and tickets for a school trip to the zoo. We had to figure out how many people went based on the clues given. 

We also started our music classes this week with Mrs. MacNeill. A.M.A.  what song we learned this week.

Don't forget that there is no school this Monday October 9 due to the Thanksgiving holiday.


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