Friday, 13 October 2017

There is no school for students on Monday or Tuesday next week. 
Wednesday October 18 is also PICTURE DAY! We look forward to seeing everyone's beautiful smiles!
This week we learned that there are 7 continents on Earth. We live on North America. A.M.A. what they are!
We learned about how the ear works and how we hear. We learned about the different parts of the ear. There are three very tiny bones inside your ear. There are three parts to your ear: the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear, and that there are even little hairs in the inner ear that vibrate and help us hear. A.M.A. what happens when sound enters your ear!
On Tuesday, we read a book called “The Last Stop on Market Street”. It was a book about being thankful for the little, unexpected things in life. We wrote about those things that we often take for granted or don’t appreciate. A.M.A. what I am thankful for!
This week we finished rotating through our 6 different measurement math centres. A.M.A. some of the different centres we did and what I learned!

As part of this year's inquiry, we started looking at our different backgrounds. We wanted to know where in the world our ancestors might have come from, and also what the different reasons were for migrating to Canada. A.M.A. what we did with all of that information! A.M.A. what places in the world we had in common, or what was different!

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