Wednesday, 14 February 2018

There will be no school Thursday, Friday (Teachers Convention) or Monday (Family Day).  See you back at school on Tuesday, Feb. 20th.

Please return report card envelopes.

A.M.A. what the dreadful discovery was in our novel, "The City Of Ember".

We did a science experiment that required that we wrap the outside of the pyramids that we built.  In the experiment, we had to follow the scientific method.

We started to create an array city for multiplication.  A.M.A. what an array city is.

We continue to work on paragraph writing and we have been creating paragraphs about our family artifacts and interviews.

This week we started "Mission Impossible" in gymnastics.

In regards to the Olympics, we have started to look at similarities between Canada and South Korea.

Some students will be bringing homework that was not finished in class to complete for Tuesday.

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