Friday, 9 February 2018

The grade 3/4 teaching team will be sharing our inquiry work at next week's Parent Council meeting, on Tuesday, February 13, at 6:45pm. All parents are invited to join!

We will be doing a Valentine's card exchange on Wednesday morning for students who are interested. Please remember to bring enough cards for your entire class if you are participating.

Don't forget that special lunch is on Wednesday, February 14th, for all students who returned their forms!

This week we started gymnastics in gym class, we have been exploring our flexibility, balance, and different ways we can move our bodies safely.

In Science we built pyramids that had to follow specific rules. AMA what materials I used, and how they worked for me! Next we are fastening different materials to the faces of the pyramid to see what works well. AMA what my group is using and why.

We had a visit from our school resource officer, Constable Van Waes, who talked to us about how to demonstrate kindness and inclusion towards others. AMA my "I Will" footprint!

In Social Studies we have started writing paragraphs about the significant artifact or event from our family's history.

In Math we are beginning to explore the joys of multiplication. AMA how much I love it and what strategies I know so far!

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