Friday, 2 February 2018

This week, we learned how to work with new people. Every morning, we get a new group of 4 random people to work with for the day. AMA some of the different people I got to work with this week!

In Science, we were challenged to make a 3D rectangular prism using different materials. AMA my rectangular prism and how my group made it strong. The next challenge is to build a rectangular pyramid that can be a roof for a rectangular prism! We are only in the planning stage of this right now, AMA how my plan is going!

This week, we finished our One World Drumming residency. We learned different rhythms using djembe drums from West Africa. AMA our celebration of learning where we shared our drumming with the school. 

In Math this week, we were working on problem solving. Some of our problem solving was done on vertical surfaces with our random groups. We explored patterns, and how many ways we can order a given number of blocks. AMA my strategy to solve the problem!

In Social Studies, we are researching the flag bearer who will be representing our country of origin at the upcoming Winter Olympics, or who represented that country in past Olympics. AMA what I have learned so far.

Our gymnastics residency starts next week! Remember to wear comfortable clothing that you can move around in safely and easily!
Don't forget that special lunch forms and money envelopes are due Monday for all students, even if they are not ordering the lunch. 

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