Friday, 13 April 2018

Special Lunch forms are due on Thursday, April 19th.

Grade 4 health forms are due on Monday.

We have been comparing different classes of animals using a Venn Diagram.
A.M.A. what are some of the types of animals I have been learning about?

We have been learning the french words for the titles of people in our family (ma mère - mom, mon père - my dad, etc.) A.M.A. why some  nouns have 'le' or 'mon' before, but others have 'la' or 'ma' for their article.

This week we started playing Badminton with the nets!

The grade 3/4 community honoured the Humboldt Broncos on Jersey Day - we wrote inspirational cards that will be sent to the Humboldt Arena.  We listened to the song "Leave a Stick by the Door" by Jason Smith.

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